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We support and advocate for a sustainable Alaskan commercial aviation industry founded upon the principles of safety management and professionalism


     The Alaska Air Carriers Association (AACA) was founded in 1966 to help operators in Southeast Alaska have an organized “voice” in aviation regarding state legislation and worker’s compensation insurance premiums for high risk businesses.

     Today, our mission has evolved to provide safety and educational training and support for our members, and to facilitate the distribution of aviation safety and business management support. 

     Our office works daily to advocate for passage of wise federal and state regulations that affect our membership, and challenge those regulations that stifle healthy business or threaten safe operations. We provide a safe conduit between government and our membership.

     Our mission is to foster aviation safety in Alaska and promote the uniform treatment of aviation businesses. We promote the welfare of our members by advocacy, cooperation and education. We provide a forum for members to express their views while providing accurate information. 



(updated April 2014)

                              Commercial Operators

Current professional pilots average over 9,000 career flight hours

 They fly over 835,000 total hours annually

 420,000 scheduled flight hours

 415,000 unscheduled flight hours

2.8 million metric tons of cargo move through Anchorage

     alone (3rd highest volume for world airports)


Alaska has a fleet of 9,515 aircraft

40% of the aircraft are based in Anchorage

85% are single engine

Over1.6 million landings recorded annually


403 public use land-based airports

  43 heliports

  45 seaplane bases

736 recorded landing areas (private, public and military) and all the thousands of lakes, rivers, beaches and gravel bars across Alaska

141 automated weather monitoring systems

217 aviation weather camera sites


8,202 active pilots

2,849 active air frame and power plant mechanics

775 mechanics with inspection authorizations


Alaska's annual enplanements are 2.7 times greater than the rest of the US

Freight per person is 39 times higher, almost one ton per person per year

Aviation contributes $3.5 billion to the State's economy

Aviation contributes 8% of the Gross State Product (GSP)

47,000 people employed in Alaskan aviation

Employs 10% of the total workforce of Alaska


ANC is 9.5 flight hours from 90% of the world

Flight area of over 2.4 million square miles

The geographically largest aviation system in the U.S.

Distance from east to west is equivalent to flying coast to coast across the U.S.

Over 700 registered airports & 1,200 airstrips

82% of communities not accessible by road


Distance north to south:  1,500 miles

Distance east to west:  2,700 miles

Alaska has an area of 586,000 square miles

Alaska has 47,000 miles of shoreline:  more than

     all other 49 states combined

39 mountain ranges and 17 of the 20 highest peaks

     in North America

More than 100 volcanoes and volcanic fields


*Information is provided from the Economic Contribution of the

Aviation Industry to Alaska’s Economy.  (Alaska DOT/PF commissioned study),

FAA Alaskan Region, NIOSH, and State of Alaska resources.



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